Cataract Surgery Has A Say In Longevity According To Some Studies

The biggest benefit of cataract surgery is to improve vision but this surgery has a lasting impact on quality of life and overall mental and physical health of people.

Here’re three unexpected benefits of getting cataract surgery on right time

Improve quality of life

According to a survey conducted on people who had cataract surgery, 36% of the patients told that they found that feel much better after surgery and that the cataract surgery had improved their quality of life substantially. The study was conducted in 2013.

Cataract can have a big impact on your daily life and activities including socializing with others. The vision loss would force you to look for a helping hand for things like reading, driving and taking medicines. And the loss of independence would force you withdraw from your social circle.

Decrease risk of meeting slip and fall accident

A study conducted in 2012 found a 16% decrease in the cases of hip fracture due to slip and fall accidents on people that did cataract surgery. The study included patients of 65-years and over. They have medical benefits and they received cataract treatment from different hospitals. The study further revealed that hip fracture due to slip and fall in patients with severe cataract reduced to 23% after surgery.

Aging reduces mobility and cataract further makes it difficult to do daily jobs in a hassle-free manner. Aging people have more chances of meeting slip and fall accidents especially on slippery floors like bathroom, kitchen and stairs.

Get longevity

Findings of a 2013 study related cataract surgery to the long life of patients. The mortality rate among older people decreased by 43% after cataract surgery. It compared the people with cataract but no treatment and others who had removed their cataract with surgery. It was found that those with cataract surgery lived longer that those with cataract.

The results clearly show that cataract surgery helps in taking care of health. For example, elderly people rely on medicines to stay healthy. But loss of vision due to cataract creates unnecessary hassles in taking medicines on time. But the elders that get cataract surgery can take their meds on time and get full benefits of the medicines.

Living with cataract

Cataract is a condition of eye that could occur due to many reasons including aging, exposure to chemicals and as a side effect of medicines. It causes:

  • Blurry vision that makes it very difficult to work on low light conditions
  • Sensitivity to light that makes it impossible to stand in well-lit areas
  • Decreased night vision limits mobility
  • Glare
  • Halos around lights

You can see how difficult it could be to live with cataract but the bigger problem is that it could lead to permanent loss to vision, if left untreated for a long time. You should stay alert about cataract so that you get timely treatment and enjoy your life to the full. Technical advancements in medical field has increased the success rate of cataract surgeries.