How To Protect Your Eyes From These 5 Cornea Conditions?

Here are 5 common problems related to cornea. Cornea being the most exposed part of an eye is always subject to beating by foreign elements and injuries.


The most condition affecting cornea is allergy and everyone faces this condition because the causes of allergy are available everywhere. The causes for allergy are:

  • Dust, mold and dander that are available in households
  • Pollens and pollutants found in the outdoors
  • Products like perfume and smoke cause irritation

The symptoms of allergies are redness of eyes with burning sensation, itching and watery or mucus discharge. Puffiness, hazy vision and sensitivity to light are also symptoms of allergies.

The good thing is that most types of allergies remain active for a short time. But some allergic conditions require prescription medicines. The best way to prevent allergy is to avoid allergen.

Dry eye

Also called ocular surface disease, dry eye is a medical condition that could be extremely painful, if persists for a long time. It occurs when eyes stop producing tears, a watery element that wash away pollutants including dirt that can cause irritation and result in allergies.

Causes for dry eye include allergies, problem on the skin around eyelids, exposure to toxic chemicals and medicines. Also, wearing contact lens could cause dry eye. Age is also an important factor in dry eye disease – people over 65 years of age are prone to this medical condition.

The symptoms of dry eye are red eyes, itching, hazy vision and stinging in the eye. For treatment, you need visiting an eye specialist the treatment is symptomatic.


Cornea is prone to many types of infections because it doesn’t contain blood vessels. For example, take conjunctivitis that is strikes cornea often. Also called pink eye, it is a common problem but cornea ulcer is a serious problem.

Symptoms of cornea infections are swelling with pain, itching and distorted vision. Treatment is given according to symptoms and it includes prescription medicines including eyedrops, antibiotics and creams.


Caused by varicella-zoster virus, shingles is a kind of eye infection resulting in agonizing blistering rash. The common causes of this conditions are aging and weak immune system. The virus remains inactive within the central nervous system for some time and causes painful rash accompanied by high temperature when active. The corneal damage becomes visible after the infection is controlled. It can cause permanent damage to cornea in the form of decreases sensitivity.

A through checkup of the infected eye is needed soon after the development of condition.

Corneal dystrophies

There are as many as 20 types of corneal dystrophies and each one affects a different part of cornea. This medical condition effects regular clarity of cornea. A cloudy like material in the eye increases causing visual impairment. But dystrophies don’t cause permanent loss of vision.

Treatment of dystrophy is provided according to the age of the patient and medical condition. In early stages, the problem can be controlled with mild drugs but prescription medicines are required in case of serious dystrophies.