What to do to Keep Your Vision Sharp?

For sharp vision, you need healthy eyes and good health starts with eating well. You need to take plenty of nutrients in your diet.

What diet could boost your vision?

Vitamin A, C and E are good for your health. Similarly, you should include zinc in your diet. These vitamins and minerals contain antioxidants that can prevent degeneration of macula that controls central vision. For a vitamin and mineral rich diet, you should include carrots, broccoli, spinach, citrus and omega-3 fatty acids in your meals.

A healthy diet would give you the strength needed to stay fit and healthy for a long time especially in advance age.

What diseases could affect your vision?

Type 2 diabetes and obesity are the two biggest chronic ailments that can affect your eyesight in the long run. For example, take diabetic retinopathy. It is a medical condition where the small arteries in the retina start leading fluid and blood. The condition results in poor vision.

After a healthy diet and an exercising schedule to keep you free from chronic medical conditions, its time to take some preventive measures.

What preventive measure do I need taking to keep my vision sharp?

It is better to protect your eyes with a sunglass that can make a protective shield before your eyes. This shield is necessary because exposure to UV rays could result in vision problems. Another advantage of wearing a sunglass is it would prevent dust and fine particles found in the air from entering your eyes.

You eat healthy and follow a disciplined life to stay healthy and also you take protective measures to keep your eyes safe. But if you aren’t taking proper rest then all your efforts would go waste.

How much rest do I need taking to improve my vision?

Sound sleep for 10 hours a day is sufficient to keep your eyes healthy. And if you work on computer, you need to take relaxing break from computer screen to keep your eyes from safe from computer light.

When you are following a disciplined life, you should take a step ahead and keep control of your vices.

What do I need quitting to keep my vision sharp?

Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol is injurious to your health especially to your eyes. It is better to quit smoking and control your intake of alcohol to keep your vision sharp. Follow these steps for healthy eyes and sharp vision.