Which one is the best keratoconus treatment option?

If you have corneal scarring and have exhausted all treatment options then you should go for Keratoconus surgery in Delhi. Depending on your eye condition, your surgeon will use one of the following surgical procedures.

Penetrating keratoplasty: It is corneal transplant that involves replacing scarred cornea with a donor tissue. And it is done only in the case of corneal scarring or extreme thinning.

Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK): It is an advanced surgical procedure that preserves the endothelium, the inside lining of the cornea. It reduces the chances of rejection that is a risk with a full-thickness transplant.

The good thing is that most corneal transplants are very successful. Also, a keratoconus treatment hospital in Delhi can reduce risk factors by taking the utmost care in carrying out the surgery. If you are experiencing keratoconus symptoms then you should get your eyes checked by an expert before making an opinion on a treatment option.

Keratoconus treatment options

Corneal collagen cross-linking: Cross-linking of the cornea is done by saturating the cornea with riboflavin and treating with ultraviolet light. It results in stiffening of the cornea. It helps in preventing further progression of the disease. The objective of the procedure is to destabilize the cornea at an early stage to reduce the risk of progressive vision loss.

Keratoconus in its earlier stages can also be checked with the help of soft contact lenses. Wearing contacts can distorted or blurry vision associated with early stages of the disease. But you will require changing your prescription glasses with the progression of the disease. Your doctor will promote you to hard contact lenses.

As keratoconus progresses, you will require hard contact lenses custom made to fit on your eyes. This very contact lens will further improve the vision. And if you have problem with this lens, you can use piggyback lens that is hard on top but soft on back.

Your keratoconus treatment hospital in Delhi will keep improving the contacts until a time comes when surgery becomes necessary. While wearing lenses gives quick relief from the vision problem but it isn’t a long-term solution as the disease continues to progress with time.

If you are feeling symptoms like keratoconus then you shouldn’t delay getting treatment. The symptoms include a sudden change of vision, double vision, lights streaking, and being uncomfortable due to blurry vision, especially at night. Getting the right treatment at the right time could prevent the progression of disease at an early stage.